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Chatterbox Speech Therapy conducts in-home and in-school speech and language evaluations as well as therapy services. We believe in delivering evidence-based and stimulating speech therapy services that are engaging and functional for children.

Speech Therapy Services

  • Early Intervention Services

  • Parent Coaching 

  • Expressive and Receptive Delays and Disorders 

  • Pragmatic Language and Social Skills 

  • Articulation Delays and Disorders

  • Phonological Delays and Disorders 

  • Pre-Literacy Skills

  • Apraxia of Speech

  • Teletherapy 

Benefits of In-Home services include:

  • Therapist is able to utilize toys, books, activities, and schoolwork that is functional, relatable, and a part of a child's every day life/routine. 

  • Children feel more comfortable in a familiar environment 

  • There is an increase in carry-over of skills since children can apply learned skills within their natural setting immediately

  • Families are more involved with activities, learning strategies, and observing progress

  • There is a trusting and collaborative relationship with caregivers  

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